Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peaks are fun, but bit scary

Writer Meta Thoughts.
Last week was definitely a peak in my writing journey. On Sunday, an article of mine was accepted for print by "Testing Experience" magazine. On Tuesday, Pradeep Soundararajan mentioned my name among other "Good thinkers and future experts". I wrote a post on Wednesday, and on Thursday discovered that my site had a record number of visitors. A short investigation led me to the traffic source - The following Tweet by James Bach:
jamesmarcusbach: Another new sapient testing blogger (avoids pat answers, critical self-analysis). I like this guy
Thank you, James!
What a week! No wonder, this week was also my Birthday week. While enjoying the compliments, a concern sneaks into mind - How do I maintain my reputation? The concern fades when I look down the path - remembering the journey I started a year and a half ago, daring to blog my first post and going from there, searching for my inner voice and improving my writing skills. Continuing the journey, looks less scary than taking the first step.
Here's to another year of new Insights and Peaks.