Monday, January 12, 2009

Online test magazines

The first magazine I would like to link to is Testing Experience:

This magazine already has it's 4th issue, and seems to collect articles, which expands the knowledge in many areas. So far, I found in every issue 1 or 2 articles which I found interesting, and expanding my knowledge in new domains of of our profession. The magazine also, has it's news section, and the last one, just announced breaking news on....a new quality testing certification... Hey! is this the new gospel of testing? I don't want to start here a discussion about certifications, but this just seems to me as too much. So for the sake of balance, ill point you to a video from STAREAST 2008, which address this subject , and probably will make you smile:
The Angel and Devil of Software Testing

The other magazine that I want to review is Quality Matters:

This magazine has published already it's 1st issue, and seems to concentrate on the foundations of testing. The feature subject of this issue was risk based testing by Rex Black, which is one of the recognized test experts in the industry, allthough too much related to the factory school. The article addressed the foundations of RBT, and could be a good summary of foundations of this approach. So was another article about team development.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lessons Learned in Software Testing (book)

Lessons Learned in Software Testing A context-Driven approach, by Cem Kaner, James Bach, Bret Pettichord.

My testlink rating: 5 stars

I thought that it would be appropriate to start this blog with a recommendation on the most valuable( in my opinion), book in the field. This book sits on my cubic shelf, and I use my free time to have one more glance in one more lesson. the book is great for any level, from the most beginners to experts and managers. The thing that I like at most in this book is that it's divided into short lessons, cutting off the accompanying bullshit from the valuable information.

Additional related link - James Bach homepage