Publications & Resources

Testing World Magazine, Third quarter issue 2015 (In hebrew):
Writing a Testing blog

Tea-time with Testers, January 2013 issue:
Dealing with Stress. Stress failures and bug advocacy- looking at stress tests from a value perspective

Testing experience, September 2010 "Metrics"  issue:
Indicators of Useful or Useless Indicators

QA&TEST 2013, 12th International Conference on QA and Testing Embedded Systems, Bilbao, Spain
Dealing with Stress

SIGiST Israel mini track , March 2012:
Cost reduction as an opportunity

Presentation to Tech career graduates(together with Shmuel Gershon), September 2009:
Create your Tester portfolio

Exploration in Scripted test environment

Test.IL meetup group:
Test.IL is the meetup group where me and Shmuel Gershon publish the JeST - Jerusalem SW Tester's meetup

Mind maps:
Mind map that summarize my presentation about Stress failures classification and test design:

Click to enlarge
For myself:
Macro for adjusting Rows height in excel:

Sub AutofitRows()
Dim rCell As Range
    Dim rRng As Range
    Set rRng = Selection
    For Each rCell In rRng.Cells
        If rCell.WrapText Then rCell.Rows.AutoFit
End Sub

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